Why use nine five for consulting or coaching?

I believe we all have better inside us.  Better ways to lead.  Better ways to innovate.  I believe in the good.

Nine Five Partners wants to help you identify opportunities.  Whether it's in your business or your career.  

With extensive business and product launch experience, I understand what you're going through as you move the idea in your head to a product or service in the market.

After years of experience in large corporations, I understand the pressures and pitfalls you face every day and are here to help you navigate.

I was tagged early on as 'an idea guy'.  It's not a tap you can turn on and off like your sink. Creativity can start to grow stale without a fresh perspective.  Let's bounce some ideas around for your business, your start up or your current situation.

Change is hard.  But experience tells me that it's better to move towards it rather than waiting to get run over by it.  (I have the tire marks to prove it!)

Our conversations aren't scripted or pre-planned from some book - they are real and the intention is to help you generate ideas and gain clarity.

Listening is the best tool in the Nine Five toolbox.

Let's have a free conversation - free of cost, obligation and hard sell.

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